Bozeman, Montana


Don’t know if you know this or not, but Bozeman is a pretty magical place. In no small part it’s due to people like our new friend, Cami, who is the Executive Director of Befrienders Bozeman, an organization that puts seniors in touch with young folks to bridge the intergenerational gap. Over the course of two days we met a variety of warm and loving seniors for great conversation including one of the best stories ever told.

On Saturday, we also had a chance to go fishing with two Bozeman locals (thank you Linda and Noah!) in Belgrade, Montana. Though we didn’t have any luck, Noah and Linda did. The fish they caught were donated to theĀ Montana Raptor Center. Lucky for us, Linda took us to the Raptor Center and we were fortunate (very coincidentally) to see a Red Tailed Hawk the Center had been rehabbing for the past two weeks getĀ released into the wild. We had no idea the release was happening, but were very glad to see it and very impressed by the work the Center is doing.


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