Kihei, Hawaii


Maui is a wonderful place. Not just for its abundant natural beauty of blue water, greenery, and mountains. The Aloha culture, the people, the history, and the traditions make Maui unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been.

We spent the last hours of 2014 doing direct action in Kihei. Robyn and I passed out cards to folks we didn’t know to wish them a wonderful 2015 and included gift certificates for local businesses in the envelopes. We passed out some cards on December 31st and will continue to do so into the new year. I’m going to address plans for 2015 in a later post.

Earlier in December I was lucky enough to join up with the South Maui Volunteers at venerable Kam II Beach in Kihei where I did some light gardening. If you’re in Maui on vacation and you want to give back in appreciation for the splendor you have enjoyed, you can volunteer with them even if it’s only one time. No reason not to!

From their website:

Hoaloha ‘Aina (aka South Maui Volunteers), under the guidance of Parks, State DLNR, and UH SEA Grant personnel, has been able to help in several instances of natural and man-made events and disasters which have affected the south Maui coastal dunes. Storms have ravaged dunes and beach areas, water leaks have washed out trails, sea birds have been killed by dogs, vandalism has damaged dune areas, and on several occasions there have been huge mounds of dumped rubbish. Our volunteer group has been able to step in and repair most of the areas with the help of grants from Hawaii Tourism Authority, donations from supporters, and hours of service from a host of wonderful volunteers.

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